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Metal-Frame RISE(UK) 52mm 6X 6point Variable Star Lens Filter for DSLR free shipping

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Star filter, or Cross Screen filter, creates a star pattern, in which lines radiate outward from bright objects. The star pattern is generated by a very fine diffraction grating embedded in the filter. The number of stars varies by the construction of the filter, as does the number of points each star has. Generally, there are 4-Point, 6-Point and 8-Point star filters to create varying star pattern. Star filter adds a dramatic cross flare to very bright areas. ldeal for photographs of night scene and ladies wearing jewellery or other objects with strong reflections. Specification:High quality optical glass for digital camera Serve to add special effects on digtital photo Add a dramatic eight-cross flare to very bright areas, giving a soft-focus effect Great for photographing jewelry, crystals, candles or other lighting special effects This filter has a single layer of coating applied to both surfaces to suppress reflection and increase light transmission It is ideal for photographing ladies wearing jewelry or for creating a dazzling effect enhancing the strong reflections off of objects    
 Package Contains:
 6 Point Star Filter x 1 only